Powered Subwoofer


Powered Subwoofer


Airpulse proudly presents the SW8 Powered Subwoofer, a masterpiece crafted by audio legend Phil Jones. Designed for high-performance home theater systems and 2.1 music setups, the SW8 stands out with its compact form and exceptional bass delivery, defying industry standards.

This subwoofer is more than typical - it's a harmonious addition to your main speakers. It integrates flawlessly with Airpulse A80, A100, and SM200 active speakers, together elevating your audio experience. This dynamic synergy immerses you in a sound spectrum where every note is not just heard, but felt.



Unprecedented Raw Power

The SW8 delivers a formidable punch with its 8" “LONG THROW” active drive unit and a powerful 160W RMS CLASS D Amplifier, consisting of the TPA 3251 and a pure power supply. Experience rich, commanding bass like never before from an 8-inch subwoofer.

Precision in Every Note

Featuring an ANALOG pre-amp, the SW8 ensures precise and impactful audio delivery. It allows you to experience music and movies with a clarity that captivates and demands attention.

Customizable Audio Experience

Take command with the SW8's gain, variable low-pass crossover, and phase controls. Customize low-frequency tones to blend seamlessly with your speakers, creating an audio atmosphere tailored to your space.

Universal Compatibility, Seamless Integration

The SW8 effortlessly connects with standard home theater receivers through its Line level/LFE RCA inputs. It offers superior sound without complications, integrating smoothly into your setup.

Aesthetic Excellence

The SW8 isn’t just about audio supremacy; its design is visually discreet, blending effortlessly with any decor. It adds an elegant touch to your entertainment space, elevating both its look and sound.


  • Amplifier Type :

    Class D Amplifier with Analog Preamp

  • Power Output:

    160 Watts RMS / Peak 320W

  • Speaker:

    8-inch Long-Stroke Bass Unit

  • Frequency Response:


  • Crossover Control:

    Continuously Adjustable (30Hz~160Hz)

  • Phase Control:


  • Input Mode:

    RCA Line Input (L/LFE, R)

  • Input Levels:


  • Voltage:

    AC100-240V/50-60Hz (Includes IEC 6ft Plug AC Power Cord)

  • Enclosure Type:

    Bass Reflex

  • Dimensions:

    (WxHxD) 278x377x295mm (10.95x14.84x11.61inch)

  • Weight:


SW8 Manual


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