Active Speaker System


Active Speaker System


The AirPulse A200 powered speaker combines reference monitor sound quality and timeless retro styling. Guided by our design philosophy of perfection by simplicity and efficiency, considerable amount of research time was spent on designing and selecting each sub-components in the A200 including cabinet construction, speaker drivers, amplifier circuitry, and internal wiring to name a few. Not one minor detail was left unattended during the creation process on even the smallest component, which all in combination contribute to the A200’s impeccable performance.

The A200 is a feast to your eyes with its beautiful natural wood grain cabinet. It is most importantly, but not surprisingly, a feast to your ears. It accurately reproduces music with pure and extended high frequency, detailed and full mid range, and solid bass notes. The A200 is our latest gift to the most discriminating audiophiles and music lovers. It will bring you to a whole new level of listening experience, and you will fall in love with yourr favorite music all over again.


Oval shaped vent tube in the A200 is cleverly designed to reduce wind noise.


Cabinet Construction

The A200 cabinet is built from 25mm rigid MDF with cherry wood veneer finished in satin lacquer. Strong internal bracing supports and stabilizes the drivers and eliminates cabinet resonance to minimum. To further reduce coloration, cabinet interior is fully lined with 36mm thick waved sound absorption material.

Each of our cabinets are lined with a 36mm of professional-grade acoustic foam. This sound absorption material reduces unwanted resonance that occurs within the speaker cabinet leaving you with only the sound you desire to hear.

High Quality Aluminum Back Panel and Knobs

Like many high quality audio equipment, the amplifier front panel on the A200 is made with 3mm thick blushed aluminum. The CNC machined solid aluminum knob Is not only elegant looking but also our own unique design with ergonomic and functionality in mind. Such fine details again reflect our pursuit of refinement and excellence.

Phrase Correction Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter

The A200 horn loaded tweeter inherits the mechanism of the tweeter in our flagship 7001 near field monitor, but with an added phase correction device which greatly improves frequency response and increases sound dispersion. The A200 ribbon tweeter has a very low resistance of about 0.2 Ohm and it works with a transformer. The low resistance brings more current through the ribbon thus rise the SPL of high frequency, which leads to wide frequency response. We construct the A200 tweeter with the highest quality aluminum ribbon, strong Neodymium-Rare Earth magnets material coupled with an appropriate transformer to give it high sensitivity, superb transient response, extended frequency range and ultra high definition. The unique shape and size of the horn on the A200 tweeter was designed from precision calculation and simulation. Connecting the ribbon tweeter to a horn helps the sound generated by ribbon better coupled to the air. It further increased efficiency, power handling, frequency response and dispersion.

5.5” Aluminum Cone Low Distortion Mid-Woofer

The 5.5" woofer in the A200 is an aluminum cone/large voice coil signature Phil Jones design. It uses a neodymium motor to provide a high magnetic flux to cover the entire voice coil of the loudspeaker. This is rarely done in speaker construction because of the sheer cost. Majority of loudspeakers use a voice-coil mostly overhung outside the magnetic field . By using a much larger magnetic field in the A200 woofer, we considerably reduce harmonic and inter-modulation distortion, giving the speaker a far more musical and natural sound.

The Proprietary Aluminum Alloy Cone ( PAAC) was designed from painstaking analysis of all types of cone geometry and materials using a Klippel Laser Doppler Interferometer: A precision scientific measuring instrument that analyses cone behavior in 3D environment.

The voice coil in A200 woofer is unconventionally larger than most 5.5" loudspeakers. Larger voice coils have less power compression because they run at a cooler operating temperature. Sonically this means a more realistic dynamic representation of the music. It is dynamics in music that gives it emotion and exhilaration. The cooler running temperature of the voice coil also brings a benefit of reliability and extremely rare driver failure.

Most loudspeakers use round copper wire in the voice coil. The A200 uses a far better single layer edge-wound copper clad aluminum ribbon. Ribbon voice-coil wire gives more electrical conductor in the magnet gap and increases efficiency, power handling and lowers distortion.

For optimum performance without compromise, the A200 woofer uses a hyper-rigid cast-magnesium alloy frame. Its increased rigidity greatly reduces speaker coloration, and its material helps to dissipate heat efficiently from the voice coil much faster than a typical steel speaker frame, all of which lead to increased dynamics and power handling and ultimately, a much more satisfying musical experience.

Full Digital Amplifier

The amplifier section of the A200 Is composed of three pieces of TAS5754 Class D ampliflers. Two are connected in parallel bridge mode to drive the left and right woofers, and one is connected in bridge mode for the two tweeters. Not like normal Class D amplifier, these amplifiers feature closed-loop structure with even lower distortion. Its digital input accepts signal with up to 192KHz sample rate. Its Hybrid-Flow digital processing enrich the system processing capability even more.

DSP Based Electronic Crossover and Dynamic Management

The processing core of A200 Amplifier Is two pieces of TLV320A1C3254 from Texas In-strument. The miniDSP inside the chip offer two parallel signal path for high frequency and low frequency independently. The miniDSP accepts input signal with up to 192KHz sample rate. Signal processing like electronic crossover, speaker compensation, dynamic range management are all done by the miniDSP.

High Efficiency Switch Mode Power Supply

The Amplifier of A200 Is powered with a high efficiency switch mode power supply. The power supply reserves sufficient power source for dynamic playback with mini-mized ripples, and can meet the Energy Star power consumption requirement In STBY mode.

Two Analog Inputs with High Quality ADC

The A200 amplifier includes two analog input modes, one balanced and one single ended, are converted into the system by two high quality ADC chips, PCM1802 and PCM1804, both from Texas Instrument. PCM1802 takes the single end analog signal, and it features a typical -96 dB THD0N, 105dB SNR and 105dB Dynamic Range; while PCM1804 takes the balanced analog signal with an even higher spec, typical -102 dB THD+N, 111dB SNR and 112dB Dynamic Range.

Two Digital inputs Supports Up to 192kHZ Sampling Rate

Tn the digital side, both the optical and coaxial signal goes through an audio front end receiver chip, PCM9211 from Texas Instrument. This audio front end supports up to 216K input sample rote.

Bluetooth 5.0 aptX Decoder

For the convenience of music playback, the A200 offers a built-in Bluetooth receiver for A2DP application. The receiver features CSR8645 chipset from Cambridge Silicon Radio. Though designed for more casual music playback, the receiver supports apt-X.

The A200 amplifier was designed to work precisely with the components of this remarkable speaker. It uses Digital Signal Processing ( DSP) to match blend both woofer, tweeter and enclosure to work as “ONE”.

Internal Wiring Made By TRANSPARENT

The A200 uses TRANSPARENT audiophile grade speaker cable made in the US for internal wiring. Signals are transferred with utmost accuracy and minimum loss. With it, you are brought steps closer to music!

Take Control of Your Sound

The A200 comes with a wireess remote control used for taking ontrol of your sound. You can switch between inputs easily from the comfort of your seat.



The dedicated ST200 stands are designed to be congruent with A200 speaker. They are recommended to be used exclusively with A200 to improve sound quality.



  • Tweeter:

    Phase Correction Horn Loaded Ribbon Tweeter

  • Mid-Woofer:

    5.5" Aluminum Cone Neo Power Mid-Woofer

  • Power:

    L/R(Treble)10W + 10W, L/R(Min-Range and Woofer) : 55W + 55W

  • Signal-Noise Ratio:


  • Input Sensitivity:

    Balance Input 1000±50mV,AUX Input 550±50mV,Bluetooth Input 1000±50mFFs,Optical Input 350±50mFFs,Coaxial Input 350±50mFFs

  • Frequency Response:


  • Input Interface:

    AUX, Balance Input, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth

  • Cabinet Size (WxHxD):


  • Net Weight:


  • Packing Size(LxWxH):


  • Gross Weight:


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