• SU-6 Floor Standing Speaker
  • SU-5 Floor Standing Speaker
  • SU-6C Center Speaker
  • SU-5C Center Speaker
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  • SU-6 Floor Standing Speaker
  • SU-5 Floor Standing Speaker
  • SU-6C Center Speaker
  • SU-5C Center Speaker
  • SU-300 Subwoofer
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    SU-6 Floor Standing Speaker

    System: 3 way floor standing speaker

    Drivers: 2x6.5" woofer & 1x6.5" midrange & 1x1" dome tweeter

    Sensitivity:87 dB (2.83V/1M)

    Impedance:4 ohm

    Frequency Response:45-30KHz +/-3dB

    Recommended Amplifier Power :50-250W


    Dimension (H x W x D): 1195x227x340(mm) / 47x8.9x13.4 (inch) 

    Net Weight: 32.5kg / 72 lbs 

    The Summit Series was created to satisfy the increasingly popular demand of audio systems able to handle audiophile two-channel application as well as the dynamics of home theater sound reproduction.

    Aesthetically, its high gloss piano black lacquered or rosewood finish cabinet blend into your living environment with classic elegance.

    This system brings you an extraordinary audio sensation created by our master engineer with decades of design experience.

    The Summit Series speakers use a 1” Titanium dome tweeter which gives them incredible sound dispersion and extended high frequencies easily reaching 30KHz, revealing details you would not hear from a mediocre speaker. 

    All drivers are proprietary made in house to be integrated seamlessly with our unique crossover and cabinet designs. The mid-range driver and woofer are housed in rigid cast aluminum chassis. Long throw woofers use composite material cones, 30mm diameter with 4 layer copper wire winding voice coils, and large magnet structure. These proprietary designed drivers give theSummitspeakers clean, full and detailed mid range and amazing solid low frequencies. 

    The Summit Series speakers have curved cabinet structure. The purpose is not only aesthetics. Besides adding attractive soft edges, curves act as a natural diffuser, effectively eliminating standing waves that can add unwanted colorations and blur to mid and lower frequencies. Computer calculation and calibration was extensively done to determine the resonance points on the cabinet wall, so bracing and damping materials are strategically placed inside the cabinet to eliminate cabinet resonance.

    SU-6 is a tall floor standing speaker perfectly suitable to be used in room sized 40 to 60 sq meters. It can be used alone as a HiFi stereo system for pure music enjoyment; or as the main front speakers in a surround home theater system. Either way, they will deliver outstanding musical performance.

    SU-6 speakers use a 1” Titanium dome tweeter; a proprietary 6.5” suspended double surround mid range unit and two 6.5” woofers. Three- way crossover design ensures the seamless integration of these drivers, achieving maximized performance.

    The Floor standing SU-6 speaker is supported by a 10mm thick stainless steel CNC machined base. This heavy base board maximizes the stability of the cabinet, preventing slow migration of the speaker due to vibration. The base is fitted with exquisitely machined adjustable metal feet, so that users can easily adjust the speakers to suit the room environment. 

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